Steady State Cardio vs Interval Training

Why shouldn't I do steady state cardio?

Steady state is easy but not as beneficial for your goals! There's increasing amounts of evidence supporting the notion that you can cut your workout time significantly while reaping better benefits, and if this appeals to you, then interval cardio is your ticket to success.

You can go outside, swim, use a treadmill, bike or the elliptical for intervals.

Advantages of Interval Cardio:
  • You burn extra calories for up to 8 hours after your interval session.
  • With jogging you stop burning extra calories when you stop exercising.
  • Your heart and lungs become bigger, stronger, and are able to take on sudden intense challenges more easily and recover quickly.
  • With jogging, your heart and lungs actually become smaller. Having a bigger and stronger heart and lungs is very important in order to live long and strong.
  • Your body changes the way you store your carbs in the future.
  • To help fuel future intense interval challenges your body will become more efficient at converting carbs into glucose and glycogen, which means that you will have more fuel for short bursts of intense challenges like lifting weights or running 100 yards quickly. Another side benefit is that glucose and glycogen are anabolic which means it burns energy just sitting there. Fat does not.
  • With low-intensity jogging-type cardio your body becomes more efficient at converting carbs to body fat in order to get ready for future low intensity jogging sessions.
  • Interval cardio is much more time efficient. You only need about two to three 30 minute interval cardio sessions per week.
  • Traditionally many have jogged for between four and 8 hours per week. As fast paced as most people’s lives are these days, less is better.
  • High-intensity interval training will also naturally boost your body’s production of human growth hormone, which is a very important factor in aging and overall health.
Hope this helps! If you are interested in interval training using a heart rate monitor and knowing your correct workout zones is the easiest way to interval train. FITSPACE Staff can help explain zone training and can even talk to you about the testing to find zones.

We also off a core/cardio class that is all about interval training.  Sign up to take a class here Core/Cardio Class


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Beau Joyner
October 1, 2018 1:39 PM
Beau Joyner
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