What is Pilates?


    Pilates is a musculoskeletal exercise that is based on strength, flexibility and endurance without risking injury or building bulk.  A primary focus is breath and core stabilization while functionally moving and aligning the body.  By doing this progressive work, you will enhance proper movement and awareness as well restore natural curves of the spine. Most clients feel an overall body workout and less stress from the breathing techniques we focus on. Everyone can use Pilates in their regimen.  Some clients use it as their weight bearing work, others use it as a recovery day or 'stretch session', many come injured in search of being pain free.  Rehab patients or elite athletes, we cater to all!

What we offer:

    FITSPACE offers private, partner, and circuit mat classes.  Private and duet sessions mainly use the equipment as a supportive way to teach proper movement in a one-on-one approach.  The circuit classes are 30 minutes of mat and 30 minutes of strength/cardio training using a variety of equipment. Having some awareness of Pilates in the circuit class is helpful, but not necessary.  Pilates circuit is a fun way to attain core engagement as well as strength training in a small amount of time.

    It is best to meet one-on-one or as a duet if you are looking to really understand the principles and method, or if you have injuries that need to be addressed. 

Privates $80-100 depending on package purchased

Semiprivates or partner $50-60 depending on package purchased

Pilates Circuit $25 a class when booked in a package ($35 as a drop-in)

Sessions can be booked online at thefitspace.com or interests can connect with Adrienne Vaughn at adrienne@thefitspace.com


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