Bob Kaufman Ultimate Program Testimonial

Testimonial of Robert Kaufman for the Fitspace Ultimate Program – June 25, 2015

Hi.  My Name is Bob and I hope you enjoy my story.  I am excited to tell you about it.   Are you ready?

Six months ago I was a 5 foot 7 inch tall - 310 pound man with a bad back and a bad knee.  My attitude was bad, my energy level was poor, I was not sleeping well and my physician was talking to me about Bariatric surgery. 

Today I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall  - but I weigh 270 pounds and – [are you ready] I am consistently losing one to two pounds per week with an average of 1 ½ pounds loss per week though the Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program. 

In six months I will make another testimonial and I will weigh 235 pounds.   Six months later I will make still another testimonial and I will weigh 200 pounds and four months later I will make my  final testimonial and I will weigh 175 pounds – which is what I weighed when I got out of basic training over forty years ago.

Wait – I take that back.  On about June 25th of the year 2020 I will make my final testimonial for The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program and I will still weigh 175 pounds.

Why am I so certain of my future success and why do I recommend the Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program so highly.

Before I begin enumerating my reasons let me tell you one important truth I have learned over my forty year struggle with weight and health.  Here it is:

1.     Weight loss and getting healthier is simple – but it’s not easy.

In my lifetime, I have lost 20 pounds at least 10 times but I always gained it back and then some.  Now I have lost 40 pounds and I know I will lose another 95 and reach my goal and never gain the weight back again.  Here’s why:

1.     The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program is not a diet it is a way of life.  Unless you want to be healthier and happier for the rest of your life, don’t do it.  You learn to eat to live; not live to eat.


2.     The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program has just a few simple steps to success.  Many of these steps you may have heard before and you may even know them very well.  But knowing them is not the same as doing them and doing them is often not easy.   That is why the program is so valuable. The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program makes these simple and often hard-to-do steps easier because [1] you are in a class with others and you want to succeed as group as well as individually and [2] the class is every weekday.  Plus, [3] the personal trainers and registered dietitian who run the program check up on you and motivate you to do what is not easy to do on your own.


3.     Finally, The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program gives you many ways to measure your success - not only over the 12 weeks but over one week or one day.  Plus, it gives you the technology to track your success, not just in weight loss but in the health and personal power that comes with weight loss.


Let me end with this.  When I was in high school I used to get off the bus after school, stop at a bakery that was on the way home, buy two chocolate éclairs and eat them by the time I got home.  Not one éclair – but two [two!!] and they were big, very big éclairs.   By the time I started at Fitspace to get healthier, I was so deeply addicted to refined sugar that I was eating an ice cream cone and a few cookies daily.  Plus, I was also addicted to JoJos, which are French Fries on steroids, and I was deeply in love with bread, pizza, potato chips and especially - Cheetos.  Ah, Cheetos!! Even to this day, when my wife and I go grocery shopping I stop by the Cheetos bags just to visit them and explain why I no longer eat them.  They are so sad.   

In addition, I was a closet eater.  When you were with me I ate like a normal healthy person.  But when I was alone and especially if I was alone for a prolonged period – I ate all that I craved and, believe me, I did not crave spinach leaves or asparagus.

Today, I do not crave refined sugars, pizza, JoJos, bread, or potato chips or Cheetos.   I am not telling you I never break down.  I do.  But the breakdowns are short and I get right back to my new lifestyle.   Plus, because I have absolute trust in the nutritionist at Fitspace, I tell her exactly what I eat when I breakdown and she has never, not even once, made me feel uncomfortable being honest.

So that is my story.   I am feeling so much better today and I am going to feel better yet and the most successful way I have ever found to get healthier is The Fitspace Ultimate Weight Loss Program.   I could not recommend it more highly.


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