Small group programs - the future of training

Small group programs - the future of training

It is pretty common knowledge that attaining (or keeping) a healthy fitness level can get expensive, especially when it comes to receiving personalized attention with a health & wellness professional. However, for cost-conscious individuals, a small group training environment can be a “healthy” solution from a wellness and financial perspective!

Small group training programs offer huge benefits to participants because the instructor sets the base program, and then because the group is small in nature the instructor is able to focus on each participant and adjust to their individual needs. Typical small group programs at Fitspace range from 3-6 participants per class.

Small group training also helps to motivate participants by incorporating a social aspect to the program. In a small group setting, one can build on the energy from others in the class and engage in friendly competition. There is also an accountability element to small group training programs. Participants know that their group will be there and will notice if they are gone. Therefore, small group training as been shown to increase individual participation.

While small group training is not for everyone, it certainly adds certain elements to one’s training!

·       Health & Vitality

·       An Active Lifestyle

·       Personalized Training

·       Socialization

·       Motivation

·       Accountability

·       Attainable Results

·       Cost Savings

Fitspace offers several small group training programs targeted toward specific individual goals. Our programs include:

·       The Ultimate Program – The ultimate plan for weight loss, body composition changes, endurance gains, or beginners looking to get into a program. Classes require a 12 week commitment and meet 5 days a week. New classes forming every 12 weeks.

·       Ultimate Wellness – Ultimate Wellness classes are made to start and progress you in the world of strength and fitness.

·       Ultimate Strength – Our Ultimate Strength classes are designed to challenge you and push your limits while staying safe and progressive.

·       Metabolic Strength – 30 minutes of strength and conditioning to unleash your inner athlete.

·       Core and Cardio – A challenging workout using a mixture of core exercises and cardiovascular interval training.

·       Power Strike – A mixture of kickboxing and metabolic conditioning.

·       Pilates Mat/Circuit – This class will contain a mixture of Pilates Mat exercises with TRX training and other strength exercises.

·       BASE Foundation – Youth athletic development designed to optimize athletic capabilities.


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