Results from a resting metabolic assessment

A Before and After Comparison with our Resting Metabolic Assessment

In follow up to my previous metabolic blog post, I want to share a participant’s before and after results.

Resting Metabolic Assessment - February 28, 2015

Female age: 44

Pre-assessment weight 187

BMI: 28.2

Resting Metabolic Rate (energy expenditure to sustain organ & body function): 1,498 calories

Total Metabolic Rate (includes exercise, lifestyle & activity): 2,132 calories

%Kcal from Carbohydrates: 54.1%

%Kcal from Fat: 45.9%

From a Nutrition Perspective: In speaking with Bobbi Horner, Registered Dietitian here at Fitspace, the participant learned that though her metabolic rate was okay, she needed to get her %Kcal from Carbohydrate and %Kcal from Fat amounts to flip flop. Bobbi explained that fat is our greatest energy source and that we want most of our calorie burn to come from fat and less from carbohydrates. Another key component to getting that flip flop to take place the participant would need to increase her protein intake.

During this meeting, the participant realized she was eating a carbohydrate and fat heavy breakfast which included very healthy foods but too carb heavy of a breakfast and a lack of protein.

Steal Cut Oats, Almond Milk, Flax Seed, Chia Seeds, Nuts, & Berries & 2 drops of Liquid Stevia or if in a hurry was skipping breakfast altogether.

Bobbi recommended that she change her breakfast from the above to “dinner” for breakfast. Goal is to include a good protein source and fat source along with veggies. i.e. protein sources like eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, etc., & vegetables.

For breakfast the participant started eating an egg & veggie scramble, chili, etc.

She also cut back on eating popcorn with butter for a healthy snack. She thought she was doing well sense corn is “gluten-free” and butter is a healthy fat, but without a lean protein source this was not a good combination.

The rest of her day was good so that was all she changed.

From a Fitness Perspective: The participant was not doing much activity when she first assessed. She was experiencing pain in her hip complex and lower back. In seeing her results she made a commitment to losing 10 pounds and starting to work out on a regular basis. For her at the time, that meant getting in 10,000 steps at least 5-6 times per week and working on building strength in her core 3 times per week.

From a Behavior Change Perspective: The participant’s stress level was extremely high in both her professional & personal life. She knew she needed to work on changing that! She started journaling. Not just her nutrition and workouts, but more so her thoughts. She realized that she needed to make some significant life changes. Though, that process was difficult she got through it and is now feeling so much better.

Here are her post-assessment results:

Resting Metabolic Assessment – September 3, 2015

Pre-assessment weight 175

BMI: 26.5

Resting Metabolic Rate (energy expenditure to sustain organ & body function): 1,440 calories

Total Metabolic Rate (includes exercise, lifestyle & activity): 2,052 calories

%Kcal from Carbohydrates: 47.2%

%Kcal from Fat: 52.8%
Total Weight Loss: -12 pounds

Total Change in BMI: -1.7

RMR: -58 calories

Total Metabolic Rate Change: -80 calories

%Kcal from Carbohydrates: -6.9%

%Kcal from Fat: +6.9%

These are great results and she is going to reassess in 3 months to see how she is progressing.


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