Six easy changes for success

Transform your body with these simple tips

Change is possible. We see it – for the better – every day at FITSPACE. Whether you’ve never been fit, or you want to regain athletic prowess of the past, there are simple, easy ways to get started, to achieve, and to transform.

1. Show up. Not in your basement, and not just in your head. Show up at a gym. Make an appointment with a trainer. Sign up for a class. Be accountable. There are those wunderkinds who can make it happen on their own. They dutifully log in the miles on their treadmill and lift weights in the garage with no distraction. And then there are the rest of us. It’s OK if the self-motivation track hasn’t worked for you in the past. You will make unbelievable progress when you’re surrounded by friends and fitness experts.

2. Be consistent. Consistently train. Consistently track what you eat. Consistently drink water. Whatever tools you’re using, keep using them – every day. No breaks. That’s not to say you will never stray from your plan. (Hello, chocolate birthday cake?) Just make sure you write it down and move on.

3. Surround yourself with the right people. Friends who are willing to hit the trail with you instead of the buffet. Personal trainers who train for your needs. Dietitians who steer you away from fad diets and create personalized plans. Supportive friends and trainers who believe in you and your goals.

4. Make it all about you. Find out what works for your body and for your metabolism. “Look into your individual needs, not into what your friend is doing or what is being marketed to you,” said Bobbi Horner, Fitspace registered dietitian and personal trainer. Have a dietitian help you figure out how efficiently your metabolism works and whether you have a food intolerance or vitamin deficiency. When tailored to your needs, small nutritional changes can make a big difference.

5. Be realistic. Build habits you can stick to for a year and beyond. Avoid the short-term, über restrictive diet. It’s about making sustainable changes. Try making one change at a time. Set a new goal each week.

6. Find new markers for success. Relying solely on the scale only tells part of the story. Sometimes, it takes weeks before the numbers reflect your body’s changes. That can lead to frustration. Instead, look for other benchmarks: Do you feel better? Are your clothes getting baggier? Before giving up, give it more time. You will see results.

Have any tips or tricks for your Fitspace friends? Tell us in the comments here and post to our facebook page here. We want to know what works for you.


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