Down on D?

Expect better workouts, mood, energy, weight loss with proper vitamin D levels 

What’s the one thing we’re probably all lacking, especially in Minnesota, and when easily corrected can aid weight loss, curb cravings, power workouts, improve mood and immunity, and potentially improve odds with a host of diseases? 

If you answered vitamin D, you’re probably already supplementing with it.

Magic pill? Not exactly. But vitamin D plays a role in so many hormones, it’s no wonder so much can go wrong when we’re deficient.

“Every cell needs vitamin D to function optimally, especially in relationship to hormone health,” said FITSPACE registered dietitian Alex Shepp.

In fact, vitamin D is one of the two most important supplements a person can take for overall health, and specifically for weight loss and athletic performance, said Shepp. They also recommend taking a high-quality fish oil.  
People who live in Minnesota and other northern climates are particularly susceptible to a D deficiency (it’s actually a hormone not a vitamin) because we simply can’t get enough exposure to the sun to produce vitamin D from November to March.

We also get a limited amount of vitamin D from food, such as wild salmon, certain mushrooms, eggs and fortified foods such as milk and yogurt. But our bodies don’t absorb vitamin D from food very well.

Some people lacking in vitamin D don’t show symptoms. Others will have low energy, mood swings, decreased immunity, metabolic effects and osteoporosis, Horner said. There are also studies that show links between low levels of vitamin D and certain cancers, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and many other medical conditions.

Every weight loss client we have ever seen has had low vitamin D levels if they weren’t already supplementing with it. Once they started taking the supplement, their mood and energy level increased immediately. Within 12 weeks, those who supplemented increased their levels significantly.

“It really will help with mood and energy right away,” adding that it also will eventually lead to weight loss.

Sick?  That's also a graet time to take extra vitamin D to boost immunity.

The best way to know if you're deficient is to take a simple blood test at least once a year. 

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