Small Group Training at FITSPACE

Spring has arrived, and soon summer will be here.  FITSPACE has a great way to help you prepare for all your summer fun.

FITSPACE small group training is a great way to get a workout in, make new friends and know you are in a trusted enviornment.

Here is a description of our many small group offerings:

  • Foundational Strength – The Foundational Strength groups are made to start and progress you in the world of strength and fitness. Level I of our strength small groups.
  • Functional Strength – Our Functional Strength groups are designed to challenge you and push your limits while staying safe and progressive. Level II of our strength small groups.
  • Performance Strength – Strength and conditioning to unleash your inner athlete. Level III of our strength small groups.
  • Power Strike – A mixture of kickboxing and metabolic conditioning. We also offer power strike elite for those well conditioned in kickboxing and looking for an advanced challenge.

We also offer The Ultimate Program and Pro Program if you are looking for more accountability.

Grpups can be viewed and booked on our website:

Reach out to us with any additional questions

small group picture