Veronika: An Ultimate Success

This mother of two young children took a leap and joined our Ultimate program in April.  Veronika had been doing personal training and working out at a different gym regularly for about a year prior to joining Ultimate.  She found herself not losing weight, doing the same workouts and hoping for more.  When she found out about the Ultimate program she was intrigued by the accountability, variety of workouts and consistent work with a registered dietitian.

Veronika joined the program hoping to lose 15lbs, improve nutrition, and feel stronger.  She is now down over 26lbs, feeling way stronger and has made a lot of positive changes in regards to her nutrition.  In the past she would “diet” and then fail because of the constant hunger that would be associated with it.

Veronika was amazed to go through a program and lose weight, gain muscle, and never feel hungry.  Properly learning how to fuel her body while staying full gave her a new sense of energy to help maximize workouts.  The changes that Veronika made have also positively impacted her family and the decisions they all make around food.

  • Losing over 26lbs
  • Dropping cholesterol by 43 points
  • Losing over 28 inches
  • Increasing her metabolism by 642 calories per day

This is why Veronika feels she is succeeding:
  • Veronika truly committed to the workouts and nutritional guidance she was receiving from our registered dietitians. 
  • She feels the progressive structure and daily variety helped keep her engaged. 
  • She was able to have fun and develop relationships while learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This is why Fitspace feels she is succeeding:
  • She came into the program ready and focused to make changes.
  • She trusted in the program and was eager to learn.
  • Veronika worked hard inside and out of Fitspace.
  • She included her whole family on the grocery store tour to make family lifestyle changes.
  • She kept her food journal accurate for the entire 12 weeks and attended our additional nutritional workshops.
  • She made this program a priority in her life.

Veronika’ s tips for newbies:
  • The Fitspace staff will equip you with everything you need to succeed.
  • If you commit to it you will see positive changes.
  • If you apply what you learn during Ultimate in your life, your success will continue after the program ends.

Seeing the results of her body changing while feeling good and improving her cardiovascular health were the positive affirmations to keep her on track and continue success even after the program.  She now knows how to eat and workout for success.

Veronika continues to impress us in the way she has taken what she learned to make long-term lifestyle changes.  She made a plan for the weeks after the program ended and stuck to it.  Scheduling her workouts to make them a priority and continuing to complete assessments to check her progress have set her up for success.

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