Car nutrition kit

As school starts, fall sports are in full gear and life continues to be crazy, it is hard to keep your nutrition in check.  Alex, our registered dietitan helped us make a list of items to keep in our car when we need some good fuel!

  • Easy snacks to keep in your car:
    • Protein bars: Rx Bars, Primal Kitchen bars, Dale Bars (in cooler temps)
    • Roasted chickpeas
    • Beef sticks: Grass Run Farms, Chomps, Mission Meats, The New Primal
    • Turkey Sticks: Nick's, The New Primal, Garrett Valley
    • Jerky (MSG and nitrate free): Lorissas, Grass Run Farms
    • Bison/Beef Bars: Mighty Valley or Epic
    • Artisana or Justin's nut butter packets
    • Mini trail mix packages from Trader Joe's or Target
    • Protein powder packets (find some water and mix it in!)
    • Dried veggie snacks like: Seasnax seaweed, Brad's Kale Or Rhythm Foods' Broccoli bites

Keeping these items in your car will help keep you full and avoid the dangers of the drive thru!