Betsy: An Ultimate Success

An Ultimate Success: Betsy

Betsy originally came to Fitspace as she was searching for a way to add fitness back into her crazy life.  She is a busy professional and parent, which makes it difficult to find time to exercise.  A friend enthusiastically referred her to the Ultimate program and the timing was perfect.  Betsy joined the program looking to improve her strength, health and body composition.  She was also looking to eat better, have more balance and less stress in her life, while establishing a long term routine.

She saw small results in her first weeks but then started to notice the real changes.  Eventually she really noticed major changes and enjoyed the camaraderie of the program.  The personalization of the group training also has kept her going.  Now, in week 6 of her third program she is continuing to enjoy getting up early everyday to take some time for herself.  Betsy enjoys the knowledge of the staff, cleanliness of the facility and variety in the workouts.  Having a team that supports her, yet are mindful of preferences is very welcoming.

Betsy has been fortunate to experience successes in all aspects of her life over the last 30 weeks.  Her favorite successes include the consistency and enjoyment of her workouts; improved strength, balance, body composition, and coordination; and awareness of better nutritional choices.

This is why Betsy feels she is succeeding:
She attributes her success to the skills of the trainers at Fitspace.  She put forth the effort and was willing to follow our guidance.  The support and accountability that comes with a small group fitness community, and the consistency of a M-F early morning schedule just adds to it.  She loves the variety of the workouts, which keep her coming back.  Boxing is her favorite because it is fun and empowering.   

This is why Fitspace feels she is succeeding:
Betsy is willing to follow our guidance and it really shows.  She makes workouts as consistent as she can and listens to our recommendations.  Betsy is always REAL and honest about her challenges, successes as well as expectations.  She paid attention to behaviors (Ex: whenever she was on the road meeting clients, she didn't drink enough water and always wanted carbs at night) and was willing to make adjustments to those patterns.  She is extremely coachable. 

Betsy’s tips for newbies:
Keep showing up! Let the staff know your goals and listen to the wisdom they share.  They are experienced, knowledgeable, and truly care.  If you stick with the program, you will see results.  The staff is genuinely motivated to help clients improve their health without pushing expensive add-ons, gimmicks, or product sales.  The customer service is top notch.  

Betsy continues to feel great about the results she is seeing.  We are proud of all she has accomplished and look forward to having her in class for weeks to come.  The changes she has made will stick with her for life to improve the health of her entire family.  Congrats Betsy!