Ultimate Boxing



Boxing is a great addition to the Ultimate program and complements other aspects of the program, including strength and cardio workouts, nutrition coaching and assessments. It has a great cross-over affect to these areas by blending an interval-type feel to the workouts, allowing participants to improve cardio due to demand of use and recovery of the heart and lungs. In addition, strength is improved from boxing resistance moves (hitting punching bags and focus mitts).

At first glance, boxing workouts seem tough and intense but can be enjoyed outside of the ring without getting hit! Boxing can be a fun, safe addition to your fitness journey and can be included in your exercise regimen well into your golden years.

Boxing and kickboxing based workouts are becoming more popular and sought after versus traditional cardio and strength workouts because of the variety of movements and all the health benefits they provide. With constant changes in direction, hitting patterns and keeping your eye on the target, you’ll enjoy the challenges these workouts provide.

When activities such as boxing are incorporated into your workouts, it can be a great way to achieve similar results that you might see with interval training (such as running and biking) but with more variety, fun and less predictability. It’s a cardio and endurance activity which helps to improve core and foundation strength.


Key Benefits of Boxing:

1. Improve coordination. Boxing requires constant position changes, making it a great special awareness exercise. At the same time, you’re utilizing a mix of hitting patterns on different targets, speeding up your ability to “walk and chew gum at the same time.”

2. Stress relief. Used as an outlet to pour your energy and focus, boxing can help release stress and get rid of negative energy. Boxing uses a mind/body connection that keeps you “out of your head” and keeps you present and in the moment. It helps release endorphins and improve mood, making you feel happy and confident!

3. Metabolism kicker. Since boxing utilizes cardio and strength together, the body is in an optimal environment to burn fat and boost the metabolism. With varying levels of intensity and rapid recovery of your heart rate, you’ll feel and understand why boxers and martial artists are in such great condition.

4. Confidence booster. Whether you’ve been an athlete at some point or not, when you put on a pair of boxing gloves, you’ll feel empowered. Being able to perform hitting combinations you didn’t know you could do before and have fun while doing it will do wonders for your confidence! With practice, boxing becomes like learning to dance or playing an instrument because of all the different patterns used within the workouts.

5. Strength and toning. When the body is put into athletic or ready positions, we’re asking the body and mind to act as one unit. While throwing punches into targets, we use power, strength and endurance requiring many muscles to fire and keeping the core engaged at all times. All of that combined can yield great results for burning fat and gaining lean muscle!

Boxing is completely different than any other workout, making it a fun, challenging and dynamic piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals. Get into the ring and enjoy!