Nutrition Packages now offered at Fitspace

Fitspace is now offering Nutrition Packages to help with your education, goal setting and plan with nutrition. These packages will be serviced by our Registered Dietitian. Read More

Ultimate Program Details

Details around the FITSPACE Ultimate Program. Read More

Fred: An Ultimate Success

Fitspace Fred has set the bar high for our Ultimate participants. His high energy and humor have been a huge motivation in our last few Ultimate groups. Read More

Ditch Perfect: Seven tips to win the long game at weight loss

Find long-term weight loss success with tools to manage anxiety and recover from nutrition slips. Read More

Snooze on, sleepyhead

Craving big carbs? Salty snacks and sweet treats? Try a nap before you hit the pantry. You might be surprised how it helps your workout, too. Read More

Whet your appetite for water

Drink up to lose weight. Even slight dehydration can make you feel sluggish and slow your metabolism by 3 percent. Read More

A better way to weigh in

Don't like what the bathroom scale says? Maybe it's wrong. There is a better way to weigh. The InBody calculates body fat percentage, weight, whether a person is hydrated, inflamed, and muscle distribution. Read More

Revive your resolutions

Too tired. Too cold. Too crowded at the gym. Whatever the excuse, chances are you’ve already tossed your weight loss resolutions aside. But you can revive your resolutions – and succeed for the rest of the year – with routine. Read More

Six easy changes for success

Change is possible. We see it – for the better – every day at FITSPACE. Whether you’ve never been fit, or you want to regain athletic prowess of the past, there are simple, easy ways to get started. Read More

New Year. New You.

Join our upcoming Ultimate program. Eat better. Train smarter. Look and feel incredible. Free week of classes starting Monday, January 4th. Read More