We approach your goals from a variety of angles.
We offer strength training, boxing, postural restoration, yoga, pilates, nutrition, and, if necessary, corrective therapy.
You’ll see the results in the mirror or on the field. We’ll see them through lab work, metabolic tests and highly specialized scales.


We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions for individuals and small groups. All of our trainers are certified. Purchase a single session, or receive a discount when you buy a package of sessions.

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Find the focus to reach your fitness goals with our various levels of classes. Throughout the year we offer sports specific training and weight loss programs.

UltimatePowerstrikeStrength Based Classes


30 and 60 minute nutrition sessions for individuals and small groups. Our Registered Dietitians also conduct grocery store tours, seminars and resting metabolic rate assessments.

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Private and duo reformer sessions are available. For larger groups, we hold mat Pilates sessions in the gym space.

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Supervised Workouts

Clients and independent personal trainers are welcome to purchase a package of supervised work-out times. These allow you to workout on your own during our open hours. A Fitspace staff member will be here to assist you.

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